Your generous support is the foundation for the hopes and dreams of all our scholarship recipients and the impoverished communities who currently lack adequate medical care and educational facilities in Africa.  Their future contribution to humanity will make you proud you helped.

Current projects:

  1. Wesley School, Oru, Ijebu District, Ogun State, Nigeria – Fundraising kick-off towards building repairs and provision of basic amenities including chairs and desk for students.
  2. Books donation drive.
  3. Wheel chair and medical equipment drive for local hospital.

Project Profile:

Wesley Primary School, Nigeria. Founded 1953

As shown in the pictures below, this school is in dire need of roof repairs, widows and bathrooms. Currently, students are exposed to the elements during Nigeria’s wet seasons as metal roofs are leaking and due to lack of windows. Furthermore, basic amenities include running water and bathrooms are lacking.


Our goal is to raise funds for the repair of this school.